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Bandmembers of DragonForce

Known as the fastest band in the world, Grammy-nominated extreme power metal band DragonForce is based in London, England. Their platinum-selling record, Through the Fire and Flames, brought them international acclaim and was featured as the most-challenging song on Guitar Hero III. Their energetic and humorous live performances have won them fans on every continent.

The group is known for their long, complex and fast guitar solos performed by Herman Li and Sam Totman, who founded the band after meeting thorough a classified ad in 1999. Since then, the band has released seven studio albums, including Valley of the Damned, Sonic Firestorm, Inhuman Rampage, Ultra Beatdown, The Power Within, Maximum Overload, and most recently, Reaching into Infinity. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the band’s sound combines the sing-a-long choruses of classic 80s rock with triumphant, uplifting melodies and fantasy-themed power-metal-inspired lyrics. As a nod to their passion for all things video-game related, the band frequently incorporates retro game sounds and melodies into their recordings and live shows.

DragonForce will release their eighth studio album in the fall of 2019 and will embark on a world tour. The band is currently streaming the recording of the new album on guitarist Herman Li’s livestream channel on Twitch ( Li promises, “this tour will be DragonForce’s biggest and best tour in a decade. We are planning something very special for the fans and they can expect a fun, epic show with lots of surprises. We can’t wait to see you out on the road!”

Musical Influences

All styles of music. Rock, metal new and old.
Video game music; favourites are from late 80’s, early 90’s arcade and PC Engine games.


  • 美国RIAA认证白金单曲‘Through the Fire and Flames”
  • 美国RIAA认证金唱片’Inhuman Rampage’
  • Music Radar/Total Guitar 2017 – 世界上最好的金属吉他手
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 –最佳Shredder奖
  • The Grammy Awards 2008 – “最佳金属表演” Nomination
  • Guitar World讀者票2007 – 最佳的新人才
  • Guitar World讀者票2007 – 最佳的金属
  • Guitar World讀者票2007 – 最佳的即兴创作
  • Total Guitar讀者票2007 – 最佳的独奏
  • Terrorizer讀者票2006 – 最佳的乐队“DragonForce”
  • Terrorizer讀者票2006 – 最佳的音乐家“Herman Li”
  • Terrorizer讀者票2006 – 最佳的现场表演“DragonForce”
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2005 – 最佳Shredder奖

Signature Stage Moves

Laser Gun Explosions
Hurricane Jumps
Playing with his tongue!


IBANEZ E-GEN – 李康敏签名款吉他
After three years in development, Ibanez releases Herman Li’s own signature model in 2008. This top end electric guitar is played by Li exactly as it is, live on stage, in the studio, right off the shelve without any modification.

李康敏(英文名:Herman Li )出生于香港是吉他手作曲者以及格莱美提名金属乐队 龍鋒 (英文名:DragonForce) 的制作人

在过去的15年中Herman为自己确立了他那一代中最被公认和有影响力的吉他手 他两次获得英国杂志Metal Hammer的最佳“Best Shredder”奖并在美国杂志Guitar World的读者投票中名列前茅
除了DragonForce的活动Herman曾与吉他传奇人物Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine和Paul Gilbert等人一起演出




Sam Totman

Musical Influences

Catchiest metal bands on the planet only!
Late 80’s, early 90’s video games music!


  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 – Best Shredder Award
  • Grammy Awards 2008 – Best Metal Performance “DragonForce” Nomination
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best New Talent (winning by 70%)
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Metal
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Riff
  • Total Guitar Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Solo “Through the Fire and Flames”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Band “DragonForce”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Live Act “DragonForce”

Signature Stage Moves

Tornado Split Jump
Hands-Free Booze Drinking

Sam Ibanez

The classic Iceman shape with Edge III tremolo, DiMarzio® Evolution pickups feature more harmonic overtones than standard humbuckers to cut though any mix, live or recording. Simple and straight one volume control.

Born in England and raised in New Zealand, Sam Totman started his formal training in classical guitar at only 9 years old. Equally-versed in rhythm and lead guitar, his ability as a player complements his remarkable skill at writing catchy and uplifting songs. He is an Ibanez Signature Artist (Ibanez STM) and has won numerous readers polls and awards for his guitar abilities. As the primary songwriter for DragonForce, Sam is responsible for the songs you can’t get out of your head (for better or worse!).

Outside of DragonForce, Sam is mostly interested in binge drinking and playing pinball. His signature stage move is drinking beer (hands-free) while playing guitar.


Marc Hudson

Musical Influences

Micheal Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Michele Luppi, Roberto Tyranti, Rob Halford, Russel Allen.

Oxford-born Marc Hudson began his journey as a vocalist at age 16, after years of playing guitar, when the overwhelming urge to sing forced him to focus on what he loved most. Known by former bandmates as “Mr. Scream”, he has been singing and playing guitar in various metal and rock bands since 2003. As his love of power metal and progressive music has developed, so has his voice.

Taking influence from Michael Kiske and James Labrie, Marc has worked to develop a unique style of powerful, melodic singing. Key to Marc’s success has been rigorous practice and determination. Marc hopes to put his vocal style to good use in writing the next chapter of Dragonforce’s story. “Things are only going to get better and better,” he says. “I find new ways to improve my voice every day. The DragonForce fans haven’t seen anything yet. I’m just getting warmed up!”

Micheal Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Michele Luppi, Roberto Tyranti, Rob Halford, Russel Allen.

Musical Influences

Catchiest metal bands on the planet only!
Late 80’s, early 90’s video games music!

Signature Stage Moves

Black Metal Whisky Sculling


Neck-Thru-Body Construction. 34” Scale, Alder Body, Maple Neck. ESP BB-604 Bridge w/ String Thru Body. EMG BTC 2-Band Active EQ Control.

ESP Arrow Guitar
ESP Sonic the Hedgehog Guitar
ESP Doraemon Guitar
ESP Gundam Guitars

Peavey Tour 700 Bass Amp
Peavey 810 Bass Cabinets
Line 6 Wireless System

Frédéric Leclercq is best described as ‘multi’-talented. He is a multi-instrumentalist (guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist), a multi-genre musician (death metal, heavy metal, speed metal, thrash, rock, classical and black metal), multi-lingual (in French, English, German and some dirty words in almost every language), and plays in multi-bands! He is the lead singer and guitarist in Sinsaenum, the former guitarist and frontman of Maladaptive, and former keyboardist and guitarist for French band Heavenly. He has also established himself as an in-demand session player for a variety of live and studio projects.

Fred has played bass in DragonForce since 2005, and recent albums have featured his songwriting as well as his guitar playing. Fred’s talent and passion have added a new dimension to the band’s live and studio work.


Gee Anzalone

Musical Influences

Everything about metal and rock music.

Signature Stage Moves

Hyper Stage Performance


Mapex Saturn IV (Maple, Walnut)
Kicks: 22″x 18″ x 2
Rack Toms: 8″x 8″, 10″x 9″, 12″x 10″, 13″x 11″
Floor Toms: 14″ x 14″, 16″ x 16″
Snares: 14″ x 5,5″ Black Panther Brass / 14″ x 5″ Black Widow Maple

Dixon Hardware “The Dragon’s Cage”

Czarcie Kopyto ‘Monolit’ Pedals – DragonForce Limited Edition.

UFIP Cymbals
Crash 18″ Bionic Series
Crash 19″ x 2 Bionic Series
Crash 20″ Bionic Series
Experience Blast Crash 18″, 19″
Splash 10″ x 2 Bionic Series
China 18″, 19″ Bionic Series
Hi Hat 14″ Bionic Series
Ride 20″ Bionic Series

Evans Drum Heads
Batter heads: Hidraulic Black
Resonant heads: Resonant Black
Snare Batter: Onix Black
Snare Resonant: Hazy 300

Promark Drum Sticks: 5B Activegrip Model Gee Anzalone Dragonforce

Roland TM-2 Module for Triggers

Roland Triggers RT30-K x 2 , BT-1

Born in Torino, Italy, Gee Anzalone began playing drums at the age of 15. From his first day behind the kit, Gee began learning the art of the double-kick drums. In 2005, after graduating from the NAM Academy in Milano, he became a teacher specializing in rock and metal. Gee has been listening to metal his whole live and has developed a special passion for the genre. He has played with a variety of metal acts such as Braindamage and Kill ritual. Playing in these bands helped him acquire the skill and experience he relies on when performing with DragonForce.

Outside of DragonForce, Gee teaches drumming and music production to students at his academy, Extreme Music Performance Academy.  He is passionate about all aspects of drumming, from extreme drumming to modern techniques. He loves to experiment with technique, and for him, the study of drumming has ‘no limits,’ just like his playing.