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DragonForce Lineup 2022

DragonForce is a trailblazing force in the realm of extreme power metal. Acclaimed as the world’s fastest band, their Grammy-nominated journey has been nothing short of legendary. The catalyst of their international fame came with the release of the platinum-selling masterpiece, “Through the Fire and Flames,” which became the ultimate challenge for players on Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock, solidifying their status as musical pioneers.

In every corner of the globe, DragonForce has earned an army of dedicated fans, thanks to their electrifying and entertaining live performances, infused with infectious energy and light-hearted humour.

Beyond their original and unforgettable epic compositions, DragonForce is celebrated for their signature long, complex, and lightning-fast guitar solos, masterfully crafted by the virtuosic duo of Herman Li and Sam Totman. United by destiny through a fateful classified ad in 1999, they founded the band and set the stage for an illustrious musical odyssey.

A storied discography spanning eight studio albums attests to their creative ingenuity, starting with the fiery intensity of “Valley of the Damned” (2003) and the relentless “Sonic Firestorm” (2004). The unparalleled momentum continued with the chart-topping “Inhuman Rampage” (2006), solidifying their position among metal elites. The Billboard Top 20 hit “Ultra Beatdown” (2008) and the anthemic “The Power Within” (2012) kept the flame burning bright.

In 2014, they unleashed “Maximum Overload,” followed by “Reaching into Infinity” (2017) and the electrifying “Extreme Power Metal” (2019). Each album showcases the fusion of classic 80’s rock sing-along choruses, uplifting melodies, and fantastical power-metal-inspired lyrics, evoking a sense of triumphant grandeur in every note.

Fuelling their music with a love for the video game world, DragonForce artfully incorporates retro game sounds and melodies into both their studio recordings and thrilling live shows, further enhancing their unique identity.

Ever-evolving, DragonForce is currently on the verge of unveiling their most monumental album to date, poised to unleash an epic world tour that promises to be their most colossal yet. North America will bear witness to the kickoff of this monumental journey on October 20th, 2023.

Prepare to be engulfed in the unyielding flames of DragonForce’s sonic prowess, as they continue to push the boundaries of metal and inspire legions of fans across the globe. The saga of DragonForce is far from over; it is an eternal symphony of speed, power, and unrelenting passion for the metal genre.

Get ready for an unparalleled experience! DragonForce is set to bring the most unique stage production yet on their upcoming world tour. Taking it to the next level, the show will captivate the audience like never before. Brace yourself for a groundbreaking fusion of music and visuals that will redefine metal concerts. Prepare to be amazed!

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Musical Influences

All styles of music. Rock, metal new and old.
Video game music; favourites are from late 80’s, early 90’s arcade and PC Engine games.


  • RIAA Certified Platinum Single ‘Through the Fire and Flames”
  • RIAA Certified Gold Record ‘Inhuman Rampage’
  • UK Silver Record ‘Inhuman Rampage’
  • Music Radar/Total Guitar 2017 – Best Metal Guitarists in the World
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 – Best Shredder Award
  • Grammy Awards 2009 – Best Metal Performance “DragonForce” Nomination
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best New Talent (winning by 70%)
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Metal
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Riff
  • Total Guitar Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Solo “Through the Fire and Flames”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Band “DragonForce”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Musician “Herman Li”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Live Act “DragonForce”
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2005 – Best Shredder Award
  • Guitar World Magazine – 50 fastest guitarists

Signature Stage Moves

Laser Gun Explosions
Hurricane Jumps
Playing with his tongue!


Herman is currently working on an exciting brand new guitar!

Born in Hong Kong, Herman Li (Chinese: 李康敏) is the guitarist, songwriter, and producer of the Grammy-nominated metal act DragonForce.

In the last 15 years, Herman has established himself as one of the most recognised and influential guitarists of his generation. He is a two-time winner of the Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods ‘Best Shredder’ award and has topped four categories in Guitar World’s Readers Poll. Outside of DragonForce, Herman has performed with guitar legends Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Tony MacAlpine, and Paul Gilbert, among others.

Herman believes that to improve as a guitar player, it is important to understand the instrument as much as possible. To that end, Herman has worked to develop innovations for his EGEN signature guitar series, which was released in 2008 to 2019. He is currently working with on a new innovative guitar unlike any other out there. Herman is also interested in inspiring and coaching the next generation of guitar players and has contributed guitar lessons to publications such as Young Guitar (Japan), Total Guitar (UK), and Premier Guitar (USA).

Outside of music, Herman’s interests include computer technology, martial arts and Porsche racing. He is fluent in Chinese, French, and English.


Sam Totman

Musical Influences

Catchiest metal bands on the planet only!
Late 80’s, early 90’s video games music!


  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 – Best Shredder Award
  • Grammy Awards 2008 – Best Metal Performance “DragonForce” Nomination
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best New Talent (winning by 70%)
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Metal
  • Guitar World Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Riff
  • Total Guitar Reader’s Poll 2007 – Best Solo “Through the Fire and Flames”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Band “DragonForce”
  • Terrorizer Reader’s Poll 2006 – Best Live Act “DragonForce”

Signature Stage Moves

Tornado Split Jump
Hands-Free Booze Drinking


Born in England and raised in New Zealand, Sam Totman started his formal training in classical guitar at only 9 years old. Equally-versed in rhythm and lead guitar, his ability as a player complements his remarkable skill at writing catchy and uplifting songs. Sam has won numerous readers polls and awards for his guitar abilities. As the primary songwriter for DragonForce, Sam is responsible for the songs you can’t get out of your head (for better or worse!).

Outside of DragonForce, Sam is mostly interested in binge drinking and playing pinball. His signature stage move is drinking beer (hands-free) while playing guitar.


Marc Hudson

Lead Vocals
Musical Influences

Micheal Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Michele Luppi, Roberto Tyranti, Rob Halford, Russel Allen.

Oxford-born Marc Hudson began his journey as a vocalist at age 16, after years of playing guitar, when the overwhelming urge to sing forced him to focus on what he loved most. Known by former bandmates as “Mr. Scream”, he has been singing and playing guitar in various metal and rock bands since 2003. As his love of power metal and progressive music has developed, so has his voice.

Taking influence from Michael Kiske and James Labrie, Marc has worked to develop a unique style of powerful, melodic singing. Key to Marc’s success has been rigorous practice and determination. Marc hopes to put his vocal style to good use in writing the next chapter of Dragonforce’s story. “Things are only going to get better and better,” he says. “I find new ways to improve my voice every day. The DragonForce fans haven’t seen anything yet. I’m just getting warmed up!”

Micheal Kiske, Bruce Dickinson, Sebastian Bach, James Labrie, Ronnie James Dio, Michele Luppi, Roberto Tyranti, Rob Halford, Russel Allen.


Gee Anzalone

Musical Influences

Everything about metal and rock music.

Signature Stage Moves

Hyper Stage Performance



Dixon Drums: Ultra Maple Artisan Series – Full Chromed Finish (Maple)
Kicks: 22″x 18″ x 2 (7 plies)
Rack Toms (TMS Suspension System): 8″x 8″, 10″x 8″, 12″x 9″, 13″x 10″ (6plies)
Floor Toms: 16″ x 16″, 18″ x 16″ (6plies)
Snares: 14″ x 6,5″ Dixon Cornerstone Titanium Plated Hammered Steel Snare Blue, 14″ x 6,5″ Enchanted Electric Blue Burst Snare (Ash)

Dixon Hardware “Dragon’s Cage Evolution”

Czarcie Kopyto “‘Supreme’” Kick Drum Pedals – DragonForce Limited Edition.

UFIP Cymbals:

Crash 17″ Bionic Series
Crash 18″ Bionic Series x 2
Crash 19″ Bionic Series x 2
Crash 20″ Bionic Series
China 18″ Bionic Series
China 19″ Bionic Series
Hi Hat 14″ Bionic Series x 2
Ride 20″ Bionic Series
Splash 10″ Bionic Series
Splash 10″ Bionic Series
Ice Bell 8″

Evans Drum Heads:
Batter heads: G1 Coated 8″, G12 Coated 10″, G2 Coated 12″, G2 Coated 13″,G2 Coated 16″,G2 Coated 18″,G2 Coated 22″
Resonant heads: G1 Coated 8″, 10″, 12″, 13″, 16″, 18″
Snare Batter: HD Genera Dry 14″, Genera Dry 14″
Snare Resonant: Hazy 300 14″

Promark Drum Sticks: 5B Model Gee Anzalone DragonForce

Roland TM-2 Module Trigger
Roland Triggers RT30-K x 2, BT-1

Samson: DK707 – 7 Piece Drum Mic Kit + CO3

Gator Cases

Born in Torino, Italy, Gee Anzalone began playing drums at the age of 15. From his first day behind the kit, Gee began learning the art of the double-kick drums. In 2005, after graduating from the NAM Academy in Milano, he became a teacher specializing in rock and metal. Gee has been listening to metal his whole live and has developed a special passion for the genre. He has played with a variety of metal acts such as Braindamage and Kill ritual. Playing in these bands helped him acquire the skill and experience he relies on when performing with DragonForce.

Outside of DragonForce, Gee teaches drumming and music production to students at his academy, Extreme Music Performance Academy.  He is passionate about all aspects of drumming, from extreme drumming to modern techniques. He loves to experiment with technique, and for him, the study of drumming has ‘no limits,’ just like his playing.

Alicia Vigil

Musical Influences

Coming Soon…

Signature Stage Moves

Coming Soon…


Coming soon

Alicia started her musical journey with piano at only four years old, and throughout the years, picked up the flute, tenor saxophone, guitar and of course, the bass. Her passion was that in the rock / metal world where of course guitar and bass were celebrated and that is where her focus shifted.
Playing bass throughout different bands into her early twenties, it was only after her former band, She Demons (put together by Jerry Only of The Misfits) disbanded, that she decided to take the reigns completely and form her own band, Vigil Of War, now singing and playing bass. They have since headlined and had residencies at the World Famous Whisky a Go Go, had a tour overseas in the UK, and most recently played the last Warped Tour in 2019.

Alicia Vigil comments: “So beyond stoked that DragonForce chose me to be a part of this! I can’t wait to travel the world and play these new cities with them and be a part of their legacy!”

DragonForce guitarist Herman Li adds: “Alicia was recommended to me by a number of musician friends in LA. She impressed me with her playing, her professionalism, and her ability to learn the DragonForce songs really quickly! I’m excited to have her playing on this tour and I think the fans will really like what she brings to the show.”