Whether making memorable moments, pushing the envelope with explicit imagery, cinematic technology, or just telling the gripping tale of well-thought-out storylines, music videos have always been a beacon of expression, which is why we took a look at the killer videos in Roadrunner’s long history to find ten of our most unforgettable.
You’ve seen our universal choices for numbers 10 – 6, and now as we reveal our top 5, we get some insight from our Head of Video Promotions/ veteran employee Elias Chios as well as our artists on the cinematic excellence, groundbreaking creativity and overall bad-ass entertainment of these music videos. From the viral strength of DragonForce’s Sam Totman chugging a beer while Herman Li shreds, through Killswitch Engage’s Adam. D. playing a fair maiden, to Slipknot destroying a house in Iowa, we give you the finale of our worldwide-staff-approved Greatest Music Videos.
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