Herman Li, guitarist, songwriter and producer of the Grammy-nominated metal band DragonForce, is known for his speed and precision as well as his light-hearted attitude when it comes to shredding. But if maybe the on-stage trampolines fooled you, we’re here to remind you this guitarist means serious business. While it’s overdone to even mention how difficult it is to tackle his “Through the Fire and the Flame” licks on Guitar Hero alone, guitarists and would-be guitarists only need to listen to the high-soaring riffs within DragonForce to understand the dedication Li has given to his craft. And with the latest endeavor on his mastery mission, Li has even toned down the on-stage antics long enough to capture his band’s first-ever live album Twilight Dementia with no overdubs.
To learn more about where he’s coming from, we caught up with the axe-wielder to ask him what guitarists are on his personal “I’m not worthy” list. What we found is that Li is not just a guitarist who admires other guitarists, but a true musician who admires the nuts and bolts of riff-writing and melody-making. See who he called out amongst his favorite players/ writers below.
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