DragonForce guitarists Sam Totman and Herman Li were interviewed by Sam Stewart-Panko when the band played Toronto on October 20. Astute metal fans will recognize that last name, but maybe not the first name; that’s because Sam Stewart-Panko is the nine-year-old son of prominent metal journalist Kevin Stewart-Panko, and a major DragonForce fan. And his questions weren’t any dumber than his dad’s would have been! You can read the full interview at Hellbound.ca, but here’s a sample:
How do you think up your lyrics?
Sam: Umm. Good question. I guess the first thing is that the vocal and melody lines have to fit. We write the music first and they have to fit that. When you listen to a song, you can get a feel and think, “Well, that song could be about that” and you get a picture in your head of something it might be and you try and write some lyrics about that.
Herman: They have to fit the atmosphere of the song; like if it’s a dark song or a happy, uplifting or triumphant song. For this new album, we actually had all the topics written for each song so we made sure not to repeat lyrics and themes. This time around, we might even be able to explain to people what the songs are about because sometimes we feel that people get confused and think all the songs are just about dragons and warriors.