Multi-national, high-speed non-stop metal machine DragonForce have announced that vocalist Marc Hudson will not be performing with the band at today’s MetalDays (Tolmin, Slovenia) and tomorrow’s Benatska! Festival (Liberec, Czech Republic) due to having been signed off by doctors with health problems / issues.
Core members Herman Li, Sam Totman and Fred Leclercq have enlisted the help of Norwegian singer Per Fredrik Åsly, also known as ‘PelleK‘, who will be stepping in to perform with the band at both festivals this weekend.
DragonForce live:
29 Jul MetalDays – Tolmin (Slovenia)
30 Jul Benatska! Festival – Liberec, (Czech Republic)
Norwegian actor, composer and singer PelleK is best known in the rock and metal scene for his phenomenal vocal range which spans four octaves. In his native Norway the singer songwriter has one of the world’s biggest rock/metal channels on YouTube with an impressive 200 million views, 1,6 million subscribers. He also sung on video game soundtracks for Square Enix (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts), Riot games (League of Legends) and has written songs for games like ‘Path of Exile’ and ‘Jelly Realms’.
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