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3 hours ago


Thanks to all the power metallers on Spotify! All great bands on this list too.. check them out if you don't know them already! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 day ago


"Joe Satriani is one of my favourite musician since I started playing the guitar. I've spent years practicing and jamming over Joe's music. I've learned a lot of my improvising skills by listening and playing over Joe Satriani albums. It was a pleasure for me to do this little improv on an unusual, unique Joe Satriani track. Some of my favourite classic Joe Satriani songs growing up include, The Crush of Love, Crushing Day, The Extremist, Cryin', Flying Over a Blue Dream, The Forgotten. What's yours?" - Herman Li

Herman Li (Dragonforce) joins my mythical party in the desert with “Ali Farka Toure, Dick Dale an Alien and Me”. You can always count on Herman to push sonic boundaries while he executes exciting, weird, and crazy sounds, blended with high energy metal guitar playing." - Joe Satriani

The backing track is from Joe's new release "Stripped x Three", three albums of songs with the lead and melodies removed. Available NOW for pre-order at

Full backing tracks from the complete "Shapeshifting," "Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards" and "Is There Love in Space?" albums are included, along with a special digital compilation booklet with original liner notes and credits and it is all packaged within a replica Joe Satriani Ibanez signature guitar USB stick and custom case.

"At the heart of it is my love for composing unique and moving music for the electric guitar. I love the journey as much as the end result. With this compilation of backing tracks you get to peak behind the curtain a bit and experience that journey as I built the songs in the studio. And, of course, you can play along!" - Joe Satriani

#JoeSatriani #StrippedXThree #HermanLi #AliFarkaDickDaleAnAlienAndMe
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6 days ago


@HermanLi reaction to @MammothWVH - Distance, captured on livestream yesterday.
Rest in Peace #eddievanhalen the greatest of all time. Thank you for everything.

Link on bio/stories,

#dragonforce #hermanli #mammothwvh #mammothwvhdistance #evh #vanhalen
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Herman Li to Perform at Razercon 2020

Herman Li: I will be performing live at Razercon 2020 and joining me for some special collab for the show will be special...

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