1. Holding On
  2. Fallen World
  3. Cry Thunder
  4. Give Me The Night
  5. Wings of Liberty
  6. Seasons
  7. Heart of the Storm
  8. Die by the Sword
  9. Last Man Stands
  10. Seasons (Acoustic)
  11. Power of the Ninja Sword
  12. Heart of the Storm (Alternative Chorus)
  13. Avant La Tempête (Instrumental)

Label – earMusic

Originally released in early 2012, the fifth album “The Power Within” by Dragonforce is back as “Re-Powered Within” – completely remastered, remixed and repowered.

Prepared by Damien Rainaud (Fear Factory, Babymetal) at award-winning studio Mix Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA, the Dragonforce classic sounds biggerbetterbolder than ever before.

Says guitarist Herman Li: I love how ‘Re-Powered Within’ has turned out. We remixed and remastered the original music with a more modern production, in the vein of our last two releases. The result is a clearer, more powerful sound. The fans will get to hear the music in better detail, bringing out parts they couldn’t hear so well before, and injecting new excitement into the songs we love even more now.

Combining bombshell hook lines with high speed guitar solos, “Re-Powered Within” contains signature anthems that have gained the band the grand reputation and praise that it is known for today. The new mix and mastering truly serves the album well as “Re-Powered Within” sounds as new and fresh as it never has. The album is also been given a new style with a completely adjusted artwork. Featuring astonishing vocals by then brand new singer Marc Hudson as well as the divine guitar sound provided by Herman Li and Sam TotmanDragonforce have and always will be a definite Full Force within the scene.


Re-Powered Within

Release Date : May 4, 2018
Artist : DragonForce