DVD / Blu-Ray Tracklist

* Special insight into the Maximum Overload world tour, including backstage, behind the scenes, and off-tour footage.

  1. Fury of the Storm
  2. Three Hammers
  3. Tokyo Party*
  4. Black Winter Night
  5. Seasons
  6. Sam Off Tour*
  7. Fred - Life in France
  8. Tomorrow's Kings
  9. Symphony of the Night
  10. Gee's Drums Journey*
  11. Japan Show Day*
  12. Cry Thunder
  13. Behind the World Tour (Part 1)*
  14. Marc's Inspirations*
  15. Behind the World Tour (Part 2)*
  16. Ring of Fire
  17. Through the Fire and Flames
  18. The Crew*
  19. Herman's Time Off*
  20. Vadim Back Home*
  21. Valley of the Damned
  22. Marc's Tokyo Adventure*
  23. Fred Loves Japan*
  24. The Right Mix (Blu-Ray Exclusive)
CD Tracklist
  1. Fury of the Storm (Live)8:00
  2. Three Hammers (Live)6:38
  3. Black Winter Night (Live)6:41
  4. Seasons (Live)5:35
  5. Tomorrow's Kings (Live)4:42
  6. Symphony of the Night (Live)5:58
  7. Cry Thunder (Live)5:16
  8. Ring of Fire (Live)3:38
  9. Through the Fire and Flames (Live)7:57
  10. Valley of the Damned (Live)8:54
  11. Defenders (Live) (Bonus Track)5:51

Label(s) – earMusic, Metal Blade Records

In the Line of Fire… Larger than Live is a live album by Power Metal band DragonForce released in 2015 and recorded on October 18, 2014 at Loud Park Festival.
The release marks the band’s first live album to feature professionally shot footage at one of their concerts. It was made available in DVD and Blu-ray formats, with both versions including the audio CD with it.

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In the Line of Fire…Larger than Live

Release Date : July 10, 2015
Artist : DragonForce