Disk 1 Tracklist
  1. Through the Fire and Flames7:19
  2. Holding On4:54
  3. Heroes of Our Time7:13
  4. Cry Thunder5:16
  5. Black Fire (Remastered 2009)5:46
  6. Dawn Over a New World5:12
  7. Fields of Despair (Live)5:31
  8. The Game4:56
  9. Operation Ground and Pound7:43
  10. Seasons5:04
  11. Reasons to Live6:25
  12. Soldiers of the Wastelands9:47
Disc 2 Tracklist
  1. Valley of the Damned (Remastered 2009)7:11
  2. Fury of the Storm6:46
  3. Revolution Deathsquad7:53
  4. Wings of Liberty7:22
  5. My Spirit Will Go On7:53
  6. Three Hammers (Live)6:09
  7. Symphony of the Night5:20
  8. The Last Journey Home8:12
  9. Starfire (Live)5:54
  10. Heart of a Dragon (Remastered 2009)5:22
Bonus DVD Tracklist
  1. Through the Fire and Flames (Music Video)
  2. Operation Ground and Pound (Music Video)
  3. Heroes of Our Time (Music Video)
  4. The Last Journey Home (Music Video)
  5. Cry Thunder (Music Video)
  6. Seasons (Music Video)
  7. The Game (Music Video)
  8. Three Hammers (Music Video)

Label – Spinefarm Records

DragonForce, the Grammy-nominated power metallers, are poised to release a comprehensive career-spanning ‘Best Of’ – the first time the UK band have presented this kind of historical ‘chapter & verse’ collection.

Titled ‘Killer Elite – The Hits, The Highs, The Vids’ release through Spinefarm Records, this 22-track set (two hours and 30 minutes of music, featuring both studio and live material, with promo clips added to the Deluxe set) fully showcases the ambition, variety and skill of the group’s musical output, now taking in six studio albums; elements of thrash, speed and power metal are spread across accelerated rockers and more measured, melodic offerings – from biggest hit, ‘Through The Fire And Flames’, a staple inclusion on several best-selling video games (i.e. ‘Guitar Hero’) and recently used as the basis of a US mockumentary featuring the band and Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey, through to ‘Dawn Over A New World’, a ballad harking back to the early years.

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Killer Elite

Release Date : April 13, 2016
Artist : DragonForce