1. Power of the Saber Blade4:02
Herman Li – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Totman – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marc Hudson – Vocals
Alicia Vigil – Bass, Backing Vocals
Gee Anzalone – Drums, Backing Vocals

Beat Saber, an award-winning VR game, launches the Original Soundtrack 6, featuring some of the community’s beloved artists and their originally composed tracks for the game.

DragonForce’s ‘Power of the Saber Blade’ is exclusively composed for Beat Saber and the FASTEST song ever introduced in the game with mind-blowing 10.66 NPS (notes per second).

t is part of Beat Saber’s Original Soundtrack 6 (OST6), which also feature artists such as Lindsey Stirling, Camellia, and Far Out. OST 6 is a free release and will be automatically added to players libraries after update. Available now on Meta Quest, Playstation & Steam.

“It’s truly an honour for DragonForce to create an exclusive track for Beat Saber, a game we are wholeheartedly passionate about. We hope fans will discover the exhilaration of ‘Power of the Saber Blade,’ finding it both enjoyable and challenging across all levels. We’re eagerly anticipating the skillful attempts on Expert+” – Herman Li (DragonForce Guitarist)

All OST songs are Content ID free. This means that influencers, streamers and regular players can stream the songs without limitations or fear of getting Copyright Claims or Strikes on social media or platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc. None of the OST 6 songs are limited by UMPG Restrictions so tracks can be posted to any platform without limitations.

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